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Before Haruhi Suzumiya got her world bebut with her anime series, she began as a popular light novel series by Nagaru Tanigawa and was illustrated by Noizi Ito. The following translations were done by the fan group Baka Tsuki, who specialize in translating Japanese light novels into several languages. Below are the translations of the Haruhi Suzumiya in convenient pdf formats. Feel free to download and share them as long it’s not for commercial profit.
Note that as of April 2009, official releases of the Haruhi Suzumiya light novels have been made available in English. If you like the series and wish to support Mr.Tanigawa, please consider purchasing the official books:

Volume 1: The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 2: The Sigh of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 3: The Boredom of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 4: The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 5: The Rashness of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 6: The Disturbance of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 7: The Intrigues of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 8: The Indignation of Suzumiya Haruhi

Volume 9: The Dissociation of Suzumiya Haruhi


  • Juancmt27 said:

    Thank you for the novels!!! I really enjoy all of them and waiting for the number 10
    i’m also waithing for the dissaperence being animated!!

  • Yuuki said:

    How do you read these, its coming up as a note pad program. Sorry i’m new to this

  • suzumiyaharuhi28 said:

    Hello to you all
    Have a nice day i hope this will last

  • HaruhiXKyon said:

    Is there volume 10? I hope so, I’m reading the novels, watching the animes, and reading the manga. If there’s volume 10, hope it comes out soon! Volume 9′s title is very depressing…

    Thanks for the novels!

  • to HaruhiXKyon said:

    Volume 10 is coming out, check the homepage of this website -_-

  • Kyoizumi said:

    Thank you! The original light novels are OVER 9000 times better than its manga and anime adaptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dazza said:

    I have the first two OFFICIAL translations, and they are fair good. Tiny bit Americanized, but I still love them.

  • zer0 said:

    i really love haruhi suzumiya!!

  • zer0 said:

    i love you suzumiya-chan..

  • natadisney345 said:

    but where vol 10

  • Jo said:

    how different is the light novels from the manga and anime???

  • Dazza said:

    @natadisney345: God knows…

    @Jo: Quite different, for example, the ending of Sighs (anime) is actually the event that started the whole thing, why KyoAni did that, I don’t know, but it’s really weird.

  • reichcastillo said:

    when is book 10 comming out!!

  • Jaxx0174 said:

    According to the Baka-Tsuki wiki, volume 10, The Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi’s release date is “To be announced.” I can’t remember what it said before but I know that it has changed. I would assume that the book is in final stages of production (I also read somewhere about a month ago that said this though so it may just be a rumor).

  • devious_sos said:

    Hope it comes out soon. :/

    For now.. I’ll just dig for more Haruhi goodness.

  • kyon (author) said:

    You’re right, there were some rumors buzzing around September of last year when some info about volume 10 showed up in The Sneaker magazine; there were rumors Tanigawa was sick or had writer’s block but none of this has been confirmed.

  • kyonko08 said:

    finally down loaded all the files it should be interesting reading all 9 light novels

  • Alif Haruhi said:

    where can i buy haruhi light novel chapter 1-9 in Malaysia???
    How much the cost in Ringgit Malaysia?

  • Tsuruya-chan said:

    That’s a toughie, I’m afraid the books haven’t been licensed in Malaysia. I guess you could try importing it from amazon or another online store, but that’s going to be really expensive :(

  • Kyoizumi said:

    ….and yet Baka-Tsuki took away the translations and now the third one isn’t coming for 6 months!!! D: *bursts into tears thinking when the **** the others are planned to be released*

  • blue_crimson said:

    my favourite is the disappearance (#4)

    i wanted to reread the disappearance on baka tsuki but…
    oh well its a business to sell books so i cant complain. at least i have this website now.

    im curious how many will actually buy the official light novels that get translated professionally…?

  • Alif Haruhi said:

    Thanks, Tsuruya-chan,
    But i dont knw how to buy them online. Plus, I hv no credit card. Wawa!!!!

  • Thai Haruhiist!! said:

    I have 3 official books of my country’s language. The translation is so slow, but I will keep buying the official one. Now I will have to wait for volume 10 t be translated….

    I want to watch The Disappearance movie.. where can I watch it?
    (of couse, not in Japanese)

  • S.O.S. Brigade Underling #1 said:

    Do the math

    Released 2/6/10
    Bootleg crap quality RAW after a few weeks. Eventually badly subbed
    about a few months for DVD to come out
    about a few weeks more to sub it all.

    Volume ten is obviously not out yet. Don’t go around reading rumors because it’s the way they kept us waiting for 3 years.

  • Niko Bellic said:

    I’ll wait

  • haruhi said:

    what 3 years? really for what?

  • Niko Bellic said:

    to watch the Disappearance…

  • haruhi said:

    wow it takes that long?

  • Red Tape said:

    Not at all. There have been some “disagreements” concerning payment for the stories between the writer, and the publisher. Also other setbacks, such as illness may have helped to further delay the release.

    The last, more obvious factor is the speculation regarding the likelyhood that 10 will be the last of the series – and the merchandisers are milking the cow while it’s still golden.

    Problem is, the cow has been out too long, and the milk is starting to sour…

  • mak717 said:

    I do not like to believe that the 10th novel is the last one. There are still so many questions that need to be answered, and they can go much farther with the plot. Also, they are only in the beginning of their second year. I am pretty sure he will go into their third, probably settling the questionable relationship between Kyon and Haruhi (why he was chosen).

    And they need to start making a legit season 3, starting after the 4th novel too. All of this is money they could be making. But what do I know?

  • NagatoYuuki13 said:

    @mak717 Is the 10th novel the last novel? It will be pretty sad if it is… It was a great series after all. Although, I would have preferred if they went all the way to graduation.

  • haruhi said:

    so what does this mean for haruhiists? do they do some kind of ritual or what?

    or do they wait for another series to come out?
    cause all i’m doing is making people interested with haruhi for as long as possible the creator must find a new haruhi cash cow and start milking it big cause haruhiists will take matters into their own hands

    and god knows what comes next!
    still it’d be nice to see another spike in haruhiism only it may be because a haruhiist has a golden idea
    well i’m looking forward to that moment!

  • tsuruya-ism said:

    I currently own The Melancholy and The Sigh.I don’t really want to read them here because I’d rather buy them.^^ go tsuruya cover ^^

  • esouesu! said:

    The light novel series has greater impact compared to the anime and manga. Kyon has so many inner thoughts in the novel. =)

  • T0rnApart said:

    I am new to this site and i was wondering how to download these novels . Can anyone plz tell me?

  • Qrast said:

    hey! can anyone help me!
    i want the the latest novel of the haruhi series
    can anyone send me a copy of the volume 10 novel i can’t find it anywhere.

    my mail address “denniolsakura@yahoo.com” please i beg all haruhi fan…

  • haruhi said:

    the insert is the only bit of novel 10 but the book is still incomplete correct me if i’m wrong so just DL chapter 1 using the DL link

  • haruhi said:

    is 63 pages for a chapter in a haruhi novel too much?

  • Pepper said:

    Hey is there someone here nice enough to send me volume1-9 through email?
    Please help me, torrent wont download it properly ~.~

  • Pepper said:

    THANK YOU SOO MUCH ANON!!!! DLing it now :)

  • Julie said:

    Thank you so much, this was so incredibly helpful, I truely cannot thank you enough!!

  • haruhi said:

    does anyone know thew date of release of the novels and for all manga translators openmanga is replacing mangahelpers and it’s free also Nagaru has dirrect contact for those translators sorta like the artist and the fan working together
    Did i mention it’s free :)

  • Powerlord said:

    It looks like the official translations of the light novels are coming extremely slowly; only 3 are available now with the fourth coming in November (and of course, the fourth is The Disappearance of, so it matches up with the movie)

  • `Bryan said:

    How do I download these? I don’t know how to use that torrent thing?

  • Ryukrieger said:

    You can use utorrent (I think it’s utorrent.com or you can google it out). Or, I have the MF links, you can use it:


  • `Bryan said:

    Oh thank you very much, this is much easier.

  • Sam Cross said:

    Hey guys! here’s the download link of the volume 10
    download the file by clicking the mini down arrow icon!
    if this lonk doesn’t work, please tell me ASAP!!!

  • MaterializeFlame said:

    Hey.. It’s still the incomplete version.. only with a different font.. that’s so not cool Sam Cross..

  • Ryukrieger said:

    Since Volume 10 isn’t out yet, the only thing that’s released is the preview only.

  • gokigoki said:

    Kyon BETTER be on the cover of the 10th book!

  • gokigoki said:

    Maybe Kyon and Koizumi should in the pic together :p

  • haruhi said:

    hey! why is vol 9 the one that doesn’t have pics ohh and nagaru’s plan for future novels are hidden in the text
    lastly novel 10 will not be the end that’s for sure^^

  • Jackie said:

    I want to buy the Japanese version of the first novel! Amazon is all out of it, and they don’t know when it will be in stock… I checked eBay too.

  • Duck said:

    Try searching for the light novels in online stores that specialize in that sort of merchandise.

    Or, you could try to find a local shop that has some in stock. Where I live in California, there’s a local Japanese market and a couple Manga stores that is fairly close. They normally sell Japanese copies or translated ones. I recently purchased the Japanese volume 4 of Harui-Chan in Mitsuwa.

  • 4nim3w4tch3r said:

    “the tittle of volume 9 is very depressing”

    yea but the season 10 must be AMAZING! the tittle is “the ASTONISHMENT of haruhi suzumiya”
    YEA! ! im so excited for it!

  • 4nim3w4tch3r said:

    guys can anyone atleast ask mr. tanigawa about this? i mean its been 3. . no. .4 years already,. we’re all dying to read the novel, at least half of volume 10 for now will be okay. i mean seriously! year’s almost over and no updates or news or anything about this? did everyone actually forgot about this? or dont tell me we have to wait for a few more years. can anyone tell me whats going on with him? is he too busy writing another novel that volume 10 has been overthrown in everyone’s memories? so no more updates about this???

  • blackfairy said:

    uhmm.. i want to buy the tranlated version.. but i dont know where.. im just a student and dont have credit card so online store is a bit difficult for me.. and i dont know the process behind.. Im from the Philippines also so ebay and amazon should take a long time before it is delivered.. and i dont know any good place here.. or should i say there is no or rarely shop that sell that book..

  • 4nim3w4tch3r said:

    maybe they sell it in SM Department stores
    or otherwise, study hard so that you can get any anime you want when you grow up ;)

  • Chibi Kyon-kun said:

    i read somewhere that Sasaki will be on the cove of the 10th book, is this true??

  • 4nim3w4tch3r said:

    i hope that both haruhi and kyon will be on the cover, or atleast Kyon

  • ly000001 said:

    On Kadokawa’s Haruhi site, http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/haruhi/, there’s a list of 12 items under 「涼宮ハルヒの報告」 (“The Information/Report of Haruhi Suzumiya”). The 12th item is the cover for the second-half of _The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya_, featuring the silhouette of Sasaki, and when you click on it, it takes you to a “beta” site featuring her instead of Suzumiya and some of the windows filled with static :)

  • OtakuSenpai said:

    American Audiences: On the wikipedia page for “List of Haruhi Suzumiya Light Novels” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Haruhi_Suzumiya_light_novels) The release dates for up to novel 6 are posted (5 on July 7th -tanabata! and 6 on November 7th 2011.)

    Although lunar tanabata is 8/8 this year lol.

    I already own “official” 1-4 but really hope a decent fanlation of 10 + 11 come out quickly.

    And for the record, american grammer and “style” aside, the fansubs are still better translations imho. But I’ll keep buying them so Mr. T can keep making ‘em!

  • shanghaikid said:

    I really want to buy these light novels. I really want to support the franchise..but I kinda want to wait too. I want to buy them if they create a box set with promotional extras too.

  • BakaBlue said:

    Well, the tenth book is out now…
    Hoping for a translation…

  • KeitaS said:

    10th and 11th is out… and im excited for you guys translate it and distribute it here :D

  • John Smith said:

    So where can I download the translated volume 10 of Haruhi Suzumiya? Please give the link.

  • SolKool said:

    OMG! has anybody translated the 10th and 11th novel already! cant wait ! :)

  • azu~one said:

    translated volume 10 of Haruhi Suzumiya needed.
    if somene can jhelp me get it plz.

  • apc said:

    how can i read them its like i cant open it T-T its just a paper thing that i cant open T-T please help.

  • apc said:

    T-T help.

  • apc said:

    on June 15 2011 the 10-11 will be on i think?

  • da_maru said:

    is there any possibilities that the last 2 volume will be translated?
    since baka-tsuki has abandoned the translation of suzumiya haruhi project, i think we must buy the english licensed suzumiya haruhi novel..

  • Akimura said:

    volume 10 are great! ( are because there`re actually 2 of them )

    I dont really plan to translate them but to those who are interested in reading the summary/spoiler that i wrote here it is.


    Im currently still on the second chapter though. >.< Will update as I read through it.

  • Krakolio said:

    Yay, I love reading :)

  • dx7879 said:

    I’m hoping that volume 10 gets translated soon too. Can’t read to read it. I buy the US released books too when they come out, but it’ll be another 2 years probably before volume 10 comes out here :/

  • wonglewat said:

    i really hope indonesian publisher would print it here….

  • Danniel Mark said:

    Is the 10th and 11th Volume available? I hope the translated Version is available soon!

  • Releasedninja said:

    10th and 11th volume has been translated, you can find them here


  • Dodo said:

    Is it true that 11th volume is the last of the series of suzumiya haruhi light novels??
    I kinda of sad

  • Felipe said:

    Doesn’t look like they are the last ones to me.

  • Crawl Stone said:

    Can someone email the pdf fan translations of the novels to me?
    Thanks if you do.

  • Morton said:

    wait i missed it NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i guess cardmaster65@hotmail.com if you can send it to me

  • EL Laine said:

    pls send it to me too. ma.ellainelasam@yahoo.com

  • joe said:

    I couldnt found series 10 n 11…
    please send it to my email


  • Riki said:

    can someone please share volume 10 and 11 with me too?

    I’d be forever thankful


  • ralph said:

    please send me vol 10 and 11 too..


    thanks very much

  • xsparc said:

    Me too, please, someone give me a copy of 10 and 11.

    Many many thanks.


  • John Smith said:

    me too

  • Shamisen said:

    If its possible, I would like the 10th and the 11th novels, too.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S.: Oh, the e-mail is jacimouraneto@gmail.com

  • dualHans said:

    Me too, I would like the 10th and 11th. Thank you.

    My email is: dualHans@yahoo.com

  • 70v3n said:

    I would also like to have a copy of volume 10 and 11

    Please and thank you

    e-mail: len_70v3n@yahoo.com

  • louis said:

    I would also like to have volume 10 and 11 of the light novel please…

    thank you….many thanks…

    email it to whitecloud6@gmail.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Those who haven’t got a copy of the 10th and 11th novel(epub only, why? It’s only the copy I secured) pls respond. A.S.A.P. I’m going to send it to you.

  • Andrew9001 said:

    I want 10 and 11 too. Irimaru@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Kindly check your mail. Next please!

  • orange_juice said:

    If it’s possible, could I get 10 and 11 too?

  • Somedude said:

    If possible, can someone please send me volume 10 and 11.


    Thanks in advance.


  • Anonymous_Slider said:


  • Julian said:

    I would also like volumes 10 and 11 if that is not too much trouble. Thank you. rockdown1236@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Its just fine, I’m just helping a fellow haruhi fan.

  • Cooldown said:

    Hey slider, if possible can you also send me volumes 10 and 11? Thanks

  • Nipah1998 said:

    Hi if its possible can someone plz send me volumes 10 and 11. By the way my emails is izzyangel1998@gmail.com

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    Can someone please send vol 10 and 11 to me. I would be thankful
    here is my email Muhaimina91@yahoo.com

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    Is it really translated? Can send? Will be bloody grateful about it! kgvon92@gmail.com


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    Oh, oh, oh, can I get it too? eworm@o2.pl it is! Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Sorry for taking too long, I’ve got to deal with my job so I got busy. I’ve already sent it to you, kindly please check your mail.

  • Ravel said:

    Hello! Can you please send me the translations of 10/11, as well? I very much appreciate it; you’ve been very gracious to do so for all these people. ^^

  • Cuz said:

    Hey Anonymous_Slider, If you could send me Vols 10 and 11 I’d really appreciate it.
    Mail: currie_muncher_99@hotmail.com
    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry Anonymous_Slider or anyone else, could you send me chapter 10 & 11 to my email, thnx alot

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    Can someone send me vol 10 and 11 please, thanks in advance

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    Uhmm… Ravel-san where’s your address?

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    Mr. Cooldown, my mail is being rejected by your domain, do you have an another e-mail address to where I can send it.

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    If you could send me vol 10 + 11 that would be great, thanks

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    Sorry for asking but can I get volumes 10 and 11 .. I seem to have missed it .. Thanks ..


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    I’ve sent them just now, kindly please check your mail.

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    You are a good man for sharing. May I also get vol. 10 and 11? Thanks in advance.


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    I lost my copies of 10 and 11. Would someone please send me them? I appreciate the help. plplsn2@gmail.com

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    Come on, kind sender. do it for me too please s550000@hotmail.com

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    i still haven’t got it so slider if you would. cardmaster65@hotmail.com

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    Thanks alot!

  • Chris1021 said:

    Is the Surprise of Suzumiya Haruhi novels 10 and 11 ?? Thanks a lot Anonymous Slider ..

  • gcsasuke said:

    LOL Chris1021 that was abt to be my question

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Hahaha… yes you’re right. It is split into two volumes, so as the timelines in the story. Pretty good concept and strategy from Mr. T.

  • Cheeseman26 said:

    Ahh is anyone has the english translations of volume 10 and 11 it would be greatly appreciated if you could send them to me :D


  • Cabbage said:

    Could anyone send me the volumes 10 and 11?
    Thanks in advance, I’m a bit obsessed right now ^_^

  • Sofa said:

    I’d like a copy of 10-11 if you’re still sending them out.
    Much appreciated!


  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Granted! Sorry if I take long.

  • g4rf13ld said:

    seems like I missed out on this :s
    Is it still possible for someone to send the complete translated version of the astonishment of Haruhi Suzumiya to: g4rf13ld@gmx.net

    Greatly appreciated

  • drakeleo said:

    can i get all (from 1 – newest)
    i want to collect it all
    my email (drakeleo@windowslive.com)

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    I’ve sent yours Mr. Garfield, check your mail please. But as for Mr. Drakeleo Check it tommorrow I’m going to check my archives, plus I’m busy with my work+studies+incoming exams = hectic schedule. That’s why I cant send the volumes 1-latest right now.

  • josh said:

    I to would like a copy from 1 to the newest my mail is joshusallenstroud@gmail.com or also joshusallenstroud2live.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    I’ve just sent them, please check your mails

  • An Extra Hand .) said:

    I’ve uploaded a .rar with all the light novels in PDF (1-10b)

    the Surprise ones (10a & 10b) I was converting from epub, so it turned out weird, but if it’s hard to read for you, just copy the text and paste it on word or w/e


    If anything’s missing let me know :)

  • El calvin said:

    Guys plz tell me
    which haruhi’s light novel volume is not yet made in Anime ??
    i think after season 2 movie comes right ??? could u plz tell me what light novel volume start after this

  • HakDa said:

    Can I have volumes 10 and 11?

    My email is hak2211@gmail.com

    Thanks is advance.

  • -.- said:

    So does the link not work or what? Pls tell me :D

  • ed said:

    could someone post the link for the download of the volumes 10 and 11? The user above posted a link but its files are all messed up :/

  • Da frock said:

    Dear kind sir could you please through your hetic schudle send me 1-11 I am willing to wait. andrewfinefrock@hotmail.com

  • -.- said:

    can u at least tell me what is wrong with the link? :/

  • haruhi fan said:


    as a fellow haruhi fan, haruhi fan here would like to help Annonymous_slider-sama. Send me an email ka_lo_kohan@yahoo.com if you still dont have the files and ill send’em! XD

    @-_- ^
    they removed the links, all thanks to sum people. (probably copyrights)
    so can anyone tell if anything’s gonna happen if i upload this somewhere?? like say torrents

  • haruhi fan said:

    if you want the volumes 1-9, you can download them from torrents, isohunt: http://isohunt.com/torrents/?ihq=haruhi+suzumiya+light+novel

  • Frontconsole said:

    Emmm… Do you have volume 10 and 11

    If you have please share with us….

  • haruhi fan said:

    lol, i just mentioned above. i do have 10-11 now all thanks to Anonymous_Slider-sama. e-mail me and ill send’em XD

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    can u send me translation 10-11 light novel haruhi fan?
    my email morning92star@yahoo.com
    thanks alot if you could :D

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    It would be much appreciated if I could get the translated novels sent to me at ssj9goten@hotmail.com as well. Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, typed wrong!


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    Hi :)
    I can’t believe I missed out on this D:
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    Can u at least tell me what is wrong with the files? T_T

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    greatly appreciated

  • Sedon said:

    @Haruhi Fan

    can I ask for a copy of volumes 10-11 of the enlglish translations of the English Novels please?
    I already have a copy of the 9th and been meaning to know what is to happen next.. :)
    Thank you so much!!

    Please send them here

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    Can someone PM the pdf version of volume 10 and 11 to luxusMirajane@gmail.com

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    Can I have the Haruhi’s novel volume 10 & 11?
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  • Wilson said:

    I have uploaded the 1-11 novels and bonuses. I would like at least half of the people who read the books buy it when they are released to show your thanks. Emailed it to everyone from @haruhifan “okay, sent!” and down.

    Any news on the 12th/11th novel guys?

  • lemon on the DVD cover said:

    another request for Vol 10/11 please and thank you in advance.



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    Hi can I have a copy of vol 10/11 as well
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  • Roxanne S. said:

    I got a copy of Suzumiya Haruhi Volume 11 (Suzumiya Haruhi no Kyōgaku; Final) fan translation. Sadly enough, I don’t have volume 10. :|

    Does anyone have a copy of it? Anyone who would send me one would be the kindest person I know in my entire life! Thanks!! XD


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    I am wondering if someone wouldn’t mind sending me 10 & 11 as well. My email is pantsuanime@gmail.com thanks so much!

  • leavy said:

    Is there someone who can send me a copy of the Suzumiya Haruhi Novel 10+11? It would be the best present for the new Year ^^
    My E-mail: chobi50@gmx.de

    Many many thanks in advance

  • Wilson said:

    Sent. Please don’t clutter this post and just send me an email if you need the novels.


  • needit said:

    please send me the volumes 10 and 11 thanks a lot

  • WhaleCostume said:

    Can someone please send me volume 10/11 as well. Thank you.


  • mun said:

    Can someone please send me volume 10 & 11.
    Thank you very much.


  • anon said:

    Did you guys not read Wilson’s post.

    I don’t know if it’s against the rules, but i don’t think spamming a thread with requests is ok.

    So please do NOT post here if you wish to do nothing but request the volumes.

    His email is wzcrazy2@gmail.com

    Email him for the volumes.

  • andri said:

    i really like this light novel
    i didnt know about translated novel for vol 10 and 11 since i saw in bakatsuki that the project is abandoned, i always check for it periodically at bakatsuki but it still abandoned

    i really hope that someone can sent me vol 10 and 11 that i really longed
    thank you very match,

    my email andri.vadank@gmail.com

  • andri said:

    im sorry, i wrote the post before reading the post above since i was excited after reading some post about translated vol 10 and 11 and request for the novel

  • Shammy said:


    Please may someone send me a copy of the translated tenth and eleventh volumes!
    Really loving the others so far!

  • Plasmacannon said:

    can anyone send me a copy of the translated 10th and 11th volumes?


  • Hikari Yamamoto said:

    Tee hee~!

    Anyone want Suzumiya Haruhi Volume 10 and 11 translated??? Just e-mail me at facebook!


    I give you one as fast as I can! Only PDF format, okay? ^_^

    Ja ne~! :3

  • Eli said:

    Hello, Ms Yamamoto,

    It says that “Based on the email preferences of the person you’re trying to email, this message could not be delivered.” So I was wondering if you or anybody else could get me the pdfs to the 10th and 11th volume. Thanks in advance.

    Email: frosticide@gmail.com

  • Skarvada said:

    I would like to have 10 and 11 to. Big fan btw :D
    Please send it to me skarvada@gmail.com
    thanks ;]

  • Jefuu said:

    I’ve also tried contacting some of the people offering to send the new volumes via email with no luck. So I would also appreciate it if anybody could send me those as well! Thanks in advance!


  • Divy said:

    I’ve also been looking for the 10th and 11th volumes o.o
    If anyone could be kind enough to email me a copy too, I’d be delighted!
    Thank you in advance


  • Irritating Enlightener said:

    Copies of baka-tsuki’s volumes 1-9 and ultimatemegax’ volumes 10-11 are kept on the Russian Haruhi fansite – haruhi.ru/novels – the green links are Japanese, grey are English and red are Russian.

  • Neil said:

    VOl 12 and 13 anyone, I know it has not been translated yet, so any good fan translated ones………??
    If anyone does find it please msg me in steelneil21129@gmail.com

  • Hannessos said:

    Hello everyone!

    I have for a long time been trying to get a hold of volume 10 and 11. i have 1-9, but unfortunately you cannot buy 10 and 11 yet, so please would some kind soul email them to me. I can almost certainly guarantee that I will buy them in the future.

    My email: sirapsflaskan@hotmail.com
    Thanks in advance!

  • Wilson said:

    12 and 13 aren’t out yet. Email wzcrazy2@gmail.com for the books.(1-11) I hate spam posts.

  • crezy said:

    When will vol 12 gonna come out !
    I haven’t heard any single news about it !

  • Pranav said:

    its matter of lyf n death. I’l die if i dnt read 10 n 11 novel plz snd me those you’ll save a guyz lyf thanx ppl :-)
    Email: trexpn@gmail.com

  • Ashoka said:

    Say, it isn’t too late for signing up novels number 10 and 11, is it?
    The adress is braindeadjerk@hotmail.de
    Thanks in advance

  • The Godfather said:

    sedddddooooootttttt gan………………………………

  • Claude Speed said:

    Okay…i already made the Grand Theft Auto series parodied version of these light novels, and they are comes into my mind…
    so the spinned-off of the series is :
    1. The Melancholy of Niko Bellic
    2. The Sigh of Niko Bellic
    3. The Boredom of Niko Bellic
    4. The Dissapereance of Niko Bellic
    5. The Rampage of Niko Bellic
    6. The Wavering of Niko Bellic
    7. The Intrigues of Niko Bellic
    8. The Indignation of Niko Bellic
    9. The Disassociation of Niko Bellic
    10. The Astonishment of Niko Bellic (First Half)
    11. The Astonishment of Niko Bellic (Second Half)

    List of Characters :
    -Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson as Kyon
    -Niko Bellic as Haruhi Suzumiya
    -Claude Speed as Yuki Nagato
    -Tommy Vercetti as Mikuru Asahina
    -Luis Lopez as Itsuki Koizumi
    -Obet as Tsuruya
    -Freddy Kembelton as Ryoko Asakura
    -Kendl as Kyon’s Sister

    after that….the BFF story will be like this

    CJ X Niko


    allright….that’s all guys, and ONCE AGAIN :
    this is only a fanfiction….

  • Dense_Traveller said:

    Does the Russian link work? I might end up in a dead end again, you know, searching for volumes 1-10b. Just to be sure.

  • rekale said:

    someone please send me vol 8, 9 10 and 11, I really want to read it.


  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    rekale-san, I have them but they are in epub format, are those fine with you?

  • rekale said:

    it’s fine

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    rekale-san, I’ve just them to you, today.

  • tier 1 assasin said:

    gan….ijin sedot dulu yah…..:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • rekale said:

    thanks a lot Anonymous_Slider-san :D

  • Horreeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! said:


  • gcsasuke said:

    Could you send volume 10 and 11 pdf version to my email too? Thnx


  • Steven said:

    Can you send vol 10-11 too?
    Email: SGTREEVEEN@gmail.com
    (sorry about my… Engrish…)

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    who else needs it? I sort of missed everyone while I’m away(due to my job). Speak up so that I can send them.

  • unknown said:

    can u plz send me volume 10 and 11.. here’s my email nnazhim@yahoo.com.. :D

  • *name removed by justin bieber* said:

    The light novels so much interesting :)

    but i can’t get that in my country :(

  • Klusignolo_Fan said:

    Hey guys….Anonybate says there’s a new movie of HS….so, whenever it comes…..i’ll be ready for that…..

  • janyhero said:

    Hey Anomyous_Slider
    I need volume 10-11 too ^_^
    here’s my email: janyhero2010@gmail.com
    Can you please send it to me :D
    Thanks in advance

  • ace said:

    Yeah, i also need 8,9,10,11.
    Sorry for the intrusion.
    my email felliot96@gmail.com


    For the volume 10-11
    try take that at ultimatemegax’s site……
    I just read that online…..

  • SpongebobFanBoy123 said:

    For anyone who’s want to read volume 10-11 online, check at ultimatemegax’s site

    here’s the link

    p.s.im not sure that one, i strongly recomended type dis piece of crap on ur searching machine :

  • Haruhi,Kyon,&Yuki Drops by My House And I Have A Shotgun To Make em' Stay Away from My Shit said:

    Season 5!!!!!!!!!!!of this anime!!!!!!
    Not a bad start @Loser

  • Justin Bieber Drops by My House And I Have A Shotgun To Kill Him said:

    A Season 5 comes motherfuckers……..

    P.s. Iamsohorny….lolololololol…

  • ace said:

    yeah season5

  • Patrick Star x Yuki Nagato said:

    Season 5?????????? :/
    HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! PROABLY I AM STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS @LOSER

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Have sent them just now.

    Tiring week for me.

  • Someonekilledharuhi&justinbieber said:

    Yg mo vol 11 coba liat aja gan di site’nya ultimatemegax……

  • hellyea said:

    can someone send me book 9, 10 and 11 pretty please my email is: jangranados@yahoo.com please I really wanna read it…. thx in advance!!

  • Anonymous_Slider said:


  • teyorya said:

    do you guys still need vol. 10-11?

  • AcidLemon said:

    @teyorya I do! Could you please send it to my email! Please please please! It’s: vale.galaz13@gmail.com

    I would be really happy if you could send those novels to me.

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Please state the volumes you need.

    Thank you…

  • Daniel-san said:

    If it’s not to much trouble could you send me 10 and 11 translated in PDF? Thanks in advance!



    anyone know where to read volume 1-10 online???????

  • RTZ said:

    Hey, can anyone send me Volume 10-11. I’d really appreciate it. PDF is fine, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks.

  • RTZ said:

    Ah, by the way, my email is


  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    *Sigh* Have been out for a while, always busy as usual…

    I’ve just sent it to you today, please check your mails.


    Try checking the net… You may find one.

  • linen wedding dresses said:

    Thanks regarding dropping that will link yet unfortunately this looks to get down? Anybody have a very mirror?

  • ace said:

    Thanks Anomyous_Slider for sending me the volumes.

  • Haa said:

    Anyone gt volume 12 English translated?

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    There are no use about Volume 12 yet…

    Man! We might wait for an another three years for an another volume!

    (I hope it isn’t..)

  • ArB said:

    Hello, can any1 send me all the volumes (from 1 to 11). I really want to read all of them, they seem so gooood. Thx you so much
    Send it to tatan2008@hotmail.com

  • 4evrFire said:

    hello can someone also send me volumes 10 and 11. i cant find them anywhere. thanks in advance, my email is 4evrFire@gmail.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    I’ve just sent them just now, please check your respective mail addresses.

  • Ja5087 said:

    I’d like vol 10-11 too please
    thank you in advance

  • Ja5087 said:


  • Shadow said:

    May i please have a copy of volume 10 and 11 as well it would be much
    Appreciated if it was possible :d

  • Shadow said:

    Forgot to put email kushrusha@yahoo.com

  • AceStark said:

    Hey~ Could you please send me volumes 10 and 11? It would be greatly appreciated :)


  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Have just sent them just now. Please check your e-mail addresses.

  • Javier said:

    Can you please send me volme 10 & 11 please? I’d really appreciate it ;)

    my email is jsmoove93@hotmail.com

  • erdi said:

    can you please sent me volume 10 and 11? e mail= ateserdi@yahoo.com
    thank you in advance

  • ihurah said:

    Do you think that people that don´t like reading very much can still read from volume 5 on the light novels and like very much?

  • emp said:

    Hey, can I also have a copy of vol 10 and 11? Email is empmew@gmail.com. Thanks on advance to whoever gonna send me. :)

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    I just sent them just now please check your respective e-mail addresses.

  • Sukotto said:

    Hey could you send me volume 10 and 11 english translation please. email is scottorocker@hotmail.com

    Thank you :)

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    I just sent it to you today, please check your mail…

  • chris stevens said:

    damn missed getting the 10 and 11 volumes were licensed any chance anyone could send me them cheers

  • chris stevens said:

    damn missed getting the 10 and 11 volumes were licensed any chance anyone could send me them cheers kira20081987@gmail.com

  • blitz said:

    Would anyone be kind enough to send me all of the english translations from 1-11, really would appreciate it

    Email is gsdink@hotmail.co.uk

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    I’ve just sent them to your respective mail addresses. Please kindly check.

  • blitz said:

    thx for sending it to me, but also can u send 1-9 as well. still thx


  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Have them just now please kindly check your mail.

  • PhoMan said:

    May I please get all the light novel PDFs from 1 to 11. Thanks. Torrents don’t work well on my iPod. Thanks in advance. Email is stanleyhu002@gmail.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Have just sent it to you today. Please check your mail.

  • Ralf07 said:

    can someone send volume 10 and 11 to me please. here my email.

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Have just sent it to you today, please check your mail.

  • Lenin said:

    Could you send me novels 10 and 11 in ePub format, please?
    My mail: leninheredia@me.com
    Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Have just sent them just now, luckily I’ve kept the ePub ones after converting them into pdfs.

  • Xeph said:

    I would really appreciate if somebody *ahem anonymous ahem* sent me volume 10 and 11.
    Been stuck at vol 9.
    Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Have sent them just now. It is in *cough*p-*cough*d-*cough*f-*cough* for-*cough*mat.

  • Jay24 said:

    I am wondering if someone still has a translated copy of volumes 10 and 11 and is kind enough to send me a copy, thank you in advance! here is my email darkmatter124@yahoo.com

  • AnonKing said:

    This page I am linking currently has both the Dissociation and the Surprise (Both parts) You can download them as a PDF.
    There are other copys out there you just have to know what to search for ;)



  • John Smith said:

    If your offer still stands, I too would appreciate novels 10 & 11 sent via e-mail.

    The website posted above requires payment for membership to download and if I’m going to pay for these it might as well support the author (which I will probably do at some point anyway).


  • Koizumi_Kun said:

    If at all possible, I too would appreciate the Eng translated novels 10 & 11 sent via e-mail :)


  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Sorry for the late comment(very late though). If the link above doesn’t work, just say it in this comment boards(?).

  • SilverTailed said:

    I’m hoping your offer still stands as I too would also like a copy of Volumes 10 and 11. Thanks in advance!


  • viacomsucks said:

    @Anonymus_Slider yo can u sent me volume 10-11 english too…i wanna read those shit hardly….


    PS:i got the 11 one already back then but my sdcard being locked and cannot copy anything so thank you for sending my fully respected KAMRAD @Anonymus_Slider

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    *jaw drop*
    I’ll do it right away. Have not visited this site for long.

  • TheFirstMuffinMan said:

    @Anonymous_Slider: I was going to ask you for a copy also, but I decided to Google for it, unlike most others. Admittedly, it was surprisingly difficult – but one website has all the books on in a nice, neat directory.
    Just to confirm, though: your copy has an image of the front cover, then underneath, in italics, “The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (First/Final Part)”? Pretty sure it’s the right one.

    For you people out there who want it on demand, you’ll have to work for it like I did. Kinda. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=the+surprise+of+haruhi+suzumiya+english+pdf

    Another hint, if the website changes rank: ‘My’ website. Click my name, it should be linked to a French website/disused blog thing. Click the second link there, then just go straight to the novels.

    Please notify me if that website is taken down.

  • viacomsucks said:

    @Anonymus_Slider hey bro how to delete message on gmail i already got both volumes….

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Good, hard work really pays off.

  • Another_fan said:

    Can i have vol. 10 and 11 too. I just started reading the light novel and it was great!

    Thanks a lot in advance! => lightningbettle@yahoo.com

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  • MRC said:

    just finished reading the Surprise part 2 … i love the series so far but didnt really like how this part ended.. there are way too many unexplained things.. so im really hoping that this isnt the last book

    also… Does anyone know Sasaki’s fullname?

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    *ahem* Sorry, little over-enthusiastic, methinks!
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