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Haruhi — Not mai waifu?

1 December 2012 37 Comments

A recent poll on Japan’s anime.biglobe.ne.jp website had otaku pick which female anime characters they are thankful they are not married to. What’s interesting about the poll is that none of the top 10 picks share any one particular trait that would make them bad candidates to hitch up with. Haruhi took the number 2 spot, only to be eclipsed by the enigmatic Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari. Apparently, being the hugely popular star of your own hit anime series doesn’t always make you the ideal candidate for marriage. Or maybe an unpredictable and spontaneous high school girl possessing god-like powers to alter time and reality is just a little too intimating for most anime fans? Source

What do you think? Agree/Disagree?

If you had to pick, who would you marry?

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  • Loser said:

    Was going to pick Kyon for gay lols

    settled with Sasaki, acceptable and not getting in each other’s way. Already has another waifu.

  • Shamisen said:

    Y No love for Tsuraya?

  • Loser said:

    @Shamisen she’s a nerfed Haruhi

    needs OP goodness

  • Jessie-kun said:

    Picked Yuki because I would totally go lesbian for her. Just sayin’.

  • Pawonashi said:

    Is anybody surprised with the fact that Taniguchi has 0 votes? :D

  • DaBonehead93 said:

    Or I’m going with Haruhi, absolutely! Although it took me a least a minute to decide between her and Yuki; that was difficult.

    As a voter, however, I’m disappointed at the lack of options.
    Where’s the choice of Kyon’s mole?
    I would’ve gone AFTER that.

  • mouse said:

    Haruhi is gorgeous and has her moments but i had to go with Nagato who is both gorgeous and smart and i think once she finally comes out of her shell she’d give Haruhi a run for her money on all fronts

  • Zach said:

    Gonna say Yuki for sure. I relate to her on a lot of fronts and the marriage wouldn’t get old after some time has passed. Plus, she’s fantastic looking.

  • Anonymous said:

    Definitely Haruhi, insanely attractive and for some reason I actually am attracted to that kind of personality.

  • Alex said:

    I was just looking at that website, and after looking at the results, I think the MAJORITY of the people who voted, thought they were voting for the opposite, a few are understandable (i.e. Sakura, Akane, or louise) but the majority of the results are people, that people say they would want (i.e. Rena, Haruhi, and Shampoo) the results are botched because half the votes understood the question, the other half thought it was for the opposite (or they were all trolls voting XD)

  • krudmuphin said:

    Picked Sasaki. Intellgient, pretty, respectful, humourous.
    Haruhis great but she’s a bit too much to handle, lol

    That said, my waifu is the lovely Hirasawa Yui <3

  • Loser said:


    I like characters like Haruhi and TOSHINO KYOKO but not as waifus cause actually living with them 24/7 would be awkward.

    Voted Sasaki, my actual waifu is Homura Akemi. Kuudere isn’t as extreme as Nagato’s is, but her romance is like the epitome of lover’s sacrifice.

  • UKnoW said:

    Itsuki Koizumi, def❤

  • Awful said:

    I hate how peeps vote for Mikurus body, dafuq? She a stupid red head slut! Itsuki, Taniguchi, Tsuruya & lots more deserve more than that cunt face

  • jv said:

    Definitely Yuki from the world she had changed in December 18th (That will be tomorrow!) And I would ask her to take off her glasses everynight.

  • jv said:

    Sorry, that can be a spoiler. How do I erase my comment?

  • nukedude7 said:

    Yuki. Definitively her, one from the disappearance.. And of course, she look cutest with her glasses on :3

  • Jackson said:

    What about kyons sister?
    Pedobear must be disappointed

  • Loser said:

    Moeblob art style is enuff

    Liking any gurl in dis series makes pedobear yippee

  • AnimeAelita said:

    I voted Ryoko, since if I were forced to marry one of them I would choose Ryoko. I usually prefer Tsunderes to Yanderes but Ryoko’s songs and her aims made me like her. She wanted to achieve her ultimate goal, no matter what. She always kept it in sight ’til her very end.
    [SPOILER ALERT.] She also protected Yuki in the Disappearance by stabbing Kyon, she thought he was going to hurt Yuki.
    She’s also really kind to those she doesn’t need to hurt or kill to protect those she cares for or to achieve her aims. I guess I admire her for her determination, in a way. She was also the first to become detatched from the Data Integration Thought Entity, the first to get a life. Who can not love her for that?
    And also, who doesn’t love Ryoko Achakura from the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya?

  • Blue said:

    Nagato with emotion.

  • Shamisen said:

    ^Nagato with emotions is just your typical Glasses-Girl. (read the disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan and you’ll see how they ruined Yuki)

  • aniki said:

    Totally Tsuruya. Best personality EVER. And adorable too.

  • viacomisgay said:

    hey man….someone can give me a dildo….i wanna rape kyoukou tachibana

  • Kyon said:

    I voted for Suzumiya Haruhi, because as much as she’s a handful and sometimes annoying, you’d never be bored with her. She’s probably also rather kinky.

  • Cheeze said:

    ^Dang… I thought you were the Admin “Kyon” for one second there.

  • Kyon said:

    @Cheeze, lol, I didn’t know the Admin’s username is Kyon. Btw, do you agree with my assessment of Haruhu Suzumiya :P ?

  • Cheeze said:

    Agree… she’s like some sort of ball of energy that never rests and will always think of new ideas. However, I’m not sure if she’s the type of person that I will commit my life to. I have interacted with “Haruhi” type of girls in the past. While they are fun to hang around with, at the end of the day they usually leave me mentally and physically exhausted.

    But that’s just my opinion. :)

  • Kyon said:

    You make a good point. I’m definitely not that extroverted myself and I value my alone time.

    As much as Haruhi can be domineering I think she appears to have a submissive vulnerable side to her. Once in a relationship she should open up more by then and reluctantly acknowledge it when you want to do something for yourself. She’s still a girl and wants someone with a spine afterall. A girl who’s usually so domineering in life, tends to love it when she’s put in her place in bed as well, which is another thing that can give you more influence on her.

    Also I prefer girls who aren’t the jealous type, but since you won’t get bored with her easily it compensates for that somewhat. At the same time I can imagine Haruhi arranging threesomes as long as she doesn’t feel threatened that she’ll be replaced.

  • Kyon said:

    Also, I’m like kyon, I like weird girls (and figuring them out) and on top of that a challenge ;p. I’m not very fond of needy girls with low self-esteem, but I think haruhi isn’t necessarily like that. As much as haruhi is a handful I think she can be dealt with in clever ways. Since she impulsively comes up with ideas she really wants to do, you can probably negotiate doing what she wants under the condition that she does something you want, as opposed to unexpectedly telling her no when she wants to do something. You’ll definitely need to be flexible and have tons of patience tough, no doubt, but hey you got your whole marriage to figure it out :P .

  • Maguma said:

    Hmm, tough decision. Koizumi would be great to talk to and stuff- I can imagine having deep discussions with him nightly if I were married to him. But at the same time I’m not entirely sure he would trust me enough to spill his emotions towards me, even if we were married.
    Meh, whatever. Picked him anyway. He’d be a great guy to spend time with. Although second choice would be Mikuru because she’d do great domestic :)

  • ??? said:

    I don’t even have to think about it. Haruhi all the way!!!

  • ??? said:

    @Maguma Just out of curiosity, if Itsuki is always putting up a charade and his “True Nature” is supposed to be terrifying or something like that would you be interested in finding out his Dark side?

  • louisvuitton09/10 said:


  • G said:

    Yes, found it difficult to decide between Haruhi and Yuki as well. Eventually I arrived to the conclusion that despite her faults, I could outsmart Haruhi and therefore bridle her, so that would work out. On the other hand, despite her qualities, I couldn’t stand a constantly quiet life with Yuki, so…

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