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Haruhi Movie Screening at J-Pop Summit in San Franciso

17 August 2011 19 Comments

Bandai will be bringing both K-ON! and Haruhi to this year’s J-Pop Summit festival in San Francisco. Episodes of from Bandai’s third collection of the K-ON! anime will be shown as well as a mini-concert. And for Haruhi fans, a screening of the The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie will also take place. Bandai Entertainment will be releasing the North American DVD/Blu-Rays on September 20, 2011. The J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL is a pop culture-themed street fair that covers the grounds of Post Street from Webster to Laguna and the Peace Plaza of Japantown, San Francisco. This year’s festival is hosted on August 27th and 28th by NEW PEOPLE in cooperation with the Japantown Merchants Association. This year, Bandai Entertainment will have a booth with a K-ON! Poster giveaway and autograph session with voice actresses Stephanie Sheh, Cristina Vee, Cassandra Lee, Shelby Lindley and performer Karrie Shirou on Sunday August 28th at 1pm! Location: Booth Number 4 on Post Street.

Thanks to kedeva for the news tip. Source: Crunchyroll. If you have Haruhi-related news or media to share, send it in through our Haruhi Tracker.


  • Phailup said:

    Awwwwwww. This is why I don’t like living on the east coast. =\

  • Oveneise said:

    Too bad I don’t live in the area… good news though!

  • KyonkoBrigade said:


  • Shnuff said:

    It just had to be the same weekend as PAX… :(

  • AnimeAelita said:

    When can it be September 20th? I want it to be September 20th so bad now!! Too bad I don’t live in America, but I can probably get the DVD online when it comes out.

  • Zagreus said:

    @ Phailup, at least you live on the right side of the Atlantic :P

  • Joseph said:

    What. Another screening. OH MY GOD

    The movie is coming out on DVD/BD in September 20th.

    It’s not that far away. What you guys can’t wait. I’m sure you can wait for the DVD. Unless you’re desperate for a Big screen of it. But still

  • Matt said:

    I’m most certainly going to buy a copy of this. I downloaded it in Japanese, and it just wasn’t the same. I absolutely loved it, even though it was the first I had done something like that. I’m going to wait patiently, as even if I don’t, it’s not going to change anyways.

  • Tallest Skil said:

    Oh, hello release date on my birthday. How are you today?

    I’m doing fricking awesome, thanks very much.

  • miles099 said:

    what I don’t understand is why they don’t make…
    I mean, COME ON! The creator could be making A LOT of money just based off of this one series!
    Turning it into a full-fledged TV Show would be…
    would be…
    Because, if God says She wants more TV,


  • jdogzteeth said:

    im happpy that the dvd is coming in blue ray but can you keep updating the site please its just that your making it seem like if haruhi suzumiya is finished i dont want it to be

  • djmore1989 said:

    think we will see a 3 season soon:).

  • HeiKNS said:

    why u think there will be season 3?i think we all hope there will be

  • jdogzteeth said:

    i love anime but every time i see a great one it always ends up finishing too soon just when the fans get so into it

    school rumble,rosario plus vampire (anime ended manga did not) and haruhi

  • Oveneise said:

    Speaking of Haruhi-Chan, after reading the 1st book, I picked up the other 2 books. Really great manga! Haven’t watched the anime, but the manga is fantastic. Yen Press is slated to release volumes 4 and 5 as well, which I’ll definitely pick up… I hope we get more of that because that series is almost – if not better – than the original (an example of it being better: Yuki’s personality.) So afaik, the anime is done running? I saw on one of my tracker sites that each episode is only around 5 minutes long…

  • jdogzteeth said:

    17 of august was last updated its about to be october does it mean that haruhi has finally died?

    dont let it be like that

  • Sonicman said:

    @jdogzteeth Don’t stop believing bro. Haruhi has to come back in Summer 2012. Remember Season 1 was Summer 2006 and Season 2 was Summer 2009. That is a three year difference, so if you add 3 more years you get Summer 2012.

    Also Kyoto Animation currently ended in Nichijou. And they only announced K-on! movie (will be released in Dec 3, 2011).

  • jdogzteeth said:

    @Sonicman thank you for making me realize i appreciate it

  • konekoooow said:

    This year I’ll do the haruhi cosplay extravaganza!!!!!!
    x3 i love it !!!

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