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Fan Translation of Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya Released

3 August 2011 79 Comments

Good news Haruhi fans, the first English fan translation of the 10th Haruhi novel has arrived! Ultimatemegax, who has previously translated the bonus booklet released with the 10th novel, has now released his fan translations of both volumes of the Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya. Grab the downloads from his blog. As always, please support the Haruhi series and the hard work of Nagaru Tanigawa by purchasing the official books when they become in your region.

Thanks to ReleasedNinja and Neil for sending in the info. If you have Haruhi-related news or media to share, send it in through our Haruhi Tracker.


  • Ranzis said:

    I saw this already, but yay.
    Yasumi Watahashi!

  • GrimKiller46 said:

    Awesome. Just great. Well, I knew I would read this eventually, just glad I didn’t have to wait several years.

  • ryvrdrgn14 said:

    This is great news! Now I wonder when the official english version will be released so I can buy it. o_o

  • Haruhi-chan said:

    Well, as of right now, five books have been released in English in the U.S. by Little Brown Books. The Melancholy, The Sigh, The Boredom, The Disappearance, and The Rampage. The Wavering is scheduled to be released on November 7 of this year. I believe that it will be some time before the 10th novel is officially released in English. =I

  • Yumeka said:

    Thanks for the mention here! ^_^ As one of the people who worked on the translations, I’m so glad my fellow fans are enjoying them.

  • Red-emperor said:

    In Thailand,the official verison are available just the first 6 of them.
    The 7th will become available in October. I think it will take a year or two for Thai-Haruhism to read the 10th novel.

    However, I really Thank for those who are working in the translation so we can read the novel very earlier before the official one will become available.

    Thanks again ^^

  • Tknight99 said:

    Woot! Thanks for the post!
    and to think…I thought I had to wait for the english release of this to come out to read this

    Thanks again ^_^

  • tsuruya-ism said:

    too bad I’ll be buying the official English translation once it comes out in, like, 5 years or else I would defiantly read this! Thank you Ultimatemegax!

  • plate said:

    tsuruya-ism, same here.

  • Chibi Kyon-kun said:

    the english version should come out in 2013, by the pace the novels are coming out here

  • Newotaku said:

    Hopefully the next novel won’t take another 4 years -__-

  • TROLOLOLOLOL =w= said:


  • Sailor Celestial said:

    WHOOOS!!! I LUVS YOUS FOR THIIIIIISSS!!! <—That was your random, typical fan-reaction. And now, for a more polite reaction: Thank you very, very much! If I could give my thanks to the author, I would. But this thanks goes to you guys for even translating the Bonus Story! Thanks SSSOOO much!!!

  • Finalweapon said:

    Spoiler alert!

    on the later chapter’s on the 10th novel

    Tsuruya called out to kyon : Kyorosuke*

    Now is it his real name? because I think Tsuruya is a kinda weird character, and ends most of her statements with nyoro.

  • jonsmith said:

    kyorosuke is a nickname for kyonosuke

    tsuruya just replaced “yono” with “yoro”

    just like most of her statements with nyoro

  • haruhi fan said:

    TT^TT can someone who downloaded the pdf for the surprise of haruhi suzumiya please sent them to me?? here’s my email ka_lo_kohan@yahoo.com
    i really want to read it but they already removed the links, i even tried searching online and couldnt find any traces of it anymore. TT~TT
    please, sumone, as a fellow haruhi fan

  • haruhi fan said:


  • anonymous slider said:

    Too bad. I’ve only got the epub format. Oh yeah forgot to tell, I’m just a new fan since August (while aimlessly browsing the web, I’m caught with the maelstrom known as Suzumiya Haruhi).

  • haruhi fan said:

    epub?! i dont mind, as long as its the file! just help me please? TT~TT can you please send it to me?? anonymous slider-sama m(_ _)m

  • anonymous_slider said:

    No need for honorifics haruhi fan-kun, you might creep me to death. May I ask your mail? I’m gonna send it to you.

  • haruhi fan said:

    thank you so much in advance :D
    i mentioned my e-mail above^ :D hontooni arigatou gozaimasu!

  • oh nooo said:

    how could i have missed it by two weeks after waiting so long?! this is my punishment for letting my focus slip away from me! if anyone could send me the epub or pdf version, i would be eternally grateful… reximo7@yahoo.com

    thank you so much!

  • oTL said:

    If anyone could send me a copy too (akimai@yahoo.com), I’ll be eternally grateful D: dangit school, you made me miss Haruhi!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:

  • A fan said:

    One copy to onilink1@q.com if one of you would… I would love you forever…

  • Long Nguyen said:

    Can I get a copy sent to lo22ng@hotmail.com as well? I have all english light novels and have read up to vol 9 about 4 years ago. I just found out that they released 10 and 11 only to find out that I just missed the bus. I will be eternally grateful if someone can send me a copy. Thanks.

  • A gossip loving toad said:

    another person who just missed the window to download 10 and 11, can anyone send them to me at gold_tigergod@yahoo.com

  • jang said:

    can someone send me volume 10 and volume 11.. i would be very grateful.. this is my email.. saifsaifen@yahoo.com

  • cla said:

    oh boy, i missed it too.. can someone send me a copy of vol 10 and 11 please… i’ve been dying to read it. here’s my email, eesha_sphinx@yahoo.com

  • boss said:

    like the above comments… I missed the opportunity to snag the downloads. If this thread is still live, I would be forever grateful if someone can send me the files as well (cant_thinkofname@msn.com).

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    What?!! I’ve been for too long. I’ll send to you right now, but sorry if I’ve just secured an epub copy of it not a pdf sorry.

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Uhmm… Boss-san, what is your email again? I’ve tried to send it to you but the mail doesnt go through. Please re-state your email add.

  • AlexBB said:

    can anyone please send it TT TT I missed it when Ive been waiting too long! TY~

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    I’ve just sent it to you just now, please check your mail.

  • Late. said:

    Uhg… Just gotta love it when your a late fan to all of this D:
    If anybody is kind enough to help out a late fan please send it to: macro24@LIVE.COM

  • 70v3n said:

    wahh… i missed it T_T, if anyone would be so kind enough to please send me a copy of 10th and 11th volumes

    e-mail: len_70v3n@yahoo.com

    please and thank you

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Uhm… I’ve only got the epub ones,is that ok?

  • HaruhiFanatic said:

    Yeesh, I missed it too. I can’t find it ANYWHERE. Please can anyone send a copy to kuroganechong@gmail.com? Any format is ok. Pleeease!

  • aaabbb said:

    Seeing so many people missed it, why don’tsome one post it somewhere on the net?

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Why you say? Yen Press(if I’m right) has already bought the rights to do the translations. So if someone posted it in the net it will be a copyright infringement, and you can be sued by it.

  • Kevin Quimbo said:

    Why am I always late for things like this? :( . I can’t find it anywhere! If someone sends it to me I would be very grateful… kevinpq1@aol.com

  • Grey Cruz said:

    The links are already taken down! Can someone please send me the “Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya” First and Second Part, PLEA~SE T^T. Thank you~!! By the way! Here’s my email restart_ako@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Becoming late makes us regretful that we have not been early, but lo, you’ve learned, thus can make you grow. I will send it!

  • SomeRandomGuy said:

    I too have been late. Could somebody please send them to me?

    My email is: nonexistantaddress@yahoo.com

    I will greatly appreciate it

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Sent even to the void! Next!

  • Haruhi Fan said:

    Can someone send it to me I was late to.
    This is my mail
    thank you very much.

  • Cooldown said:

    Can someone please send me volumes 10 and 11?
    Thank you!!

  • Haruhi'sObservant said:

    Since everyone is scared to ask you directly, Anonymous_Slider, I will. Could you send me Chapter 10 and/or 11 to my email? I don’t care if it has that funky file extension name at the end. I thank you in advance.


  • Suzumiya Fever said:

    Will someone send it to me as well? Be it Anonymous_Slider or the like? Thanks. And once I get it, I’ll help out by sending it out myself.


  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Woot! I’ve got many pending requests that I’m busy in my work. Sent it all. To Suzumiya Fever, its kind of you, arigato!

  • Suzumiya Fever said:

    Lol you’re welcome.

  • Random Haruhi Follower said:

    Oh Anonymous_Slider-sama! Your Great deeds has led me to believe that you are an omnipotent being! Please bestow your blessing unto this undeserving person by sending chap. 10 and/or 11 to jao08_gaurano@yahoo.com . And if you ask,no, that is not my real name. It is just my irritating nickname. My real name is amazing but undeserving of being mentioned in your presence! I thank you in advance. (PS:I don’t care about what file type it is as long as I can get it.)

  • Cabbage said:

    I’m not him, but I can at least repay the service – check your inbox :)

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    What!! I’m not an omnipotent being, only God is. Thank you for the extra hand Mr. Cabbage.

    P.S: I like to eat cabbages really

  • humANdroid said:

    That’s really good, but i can’t find the “Surprise” anywhere : neither in local stores nor in the online stores, or my googling skill is not high enough. I live in Russia, so buying this book is nearly impossible. Can you send me a copy of it, please? E-mail is humANdroid95en@gmail.com

  • Anonymous_Slider said:

    Check your mail please.

  • humANdroid said:

    Anonymous_Slider, thx a lot :)

  • Pinwheel said:

    I would buy all those books in English legally but then it’s really hard to find them here in our country. It’s quite unbelievable but Haruhi isn’t very popular here even if we’re neighbors with Japan :|

  • Ambassador Mollari said:

    I’d love to see them too! lordrenos@yahoo.com

  • Cabbage said:

    Does the link from the bottom of http://www.haruhisuzumiya.net/haruhi-suzumiya-light-novels-translated/ work for you? .)

  • jj said:

    i am deeply regretting being so late to this but could someone have a kind heart and send me a copy of the translations fox350z@hotmail.com i would really appreciate it

  • Cabbage said:

    So that download link doesn’t work or what? o_O

  • jj said:

    opps i missed that thank you mr cabbage :)

  • Cabbage said:

    Np, glad to hear that it’s working .)

  • meh11 said:

    srry i missed it too……. could u send the pdf to me too :)


  • haruhi fan said:


    as a felloq haruhi fan, haruhi fan here would like to help Annonymous_slider-sama. Send me an email ka_lo_kohan@yahoo.com if you still dont have the files and ill send’em! XD

  • Indonesian SOS Dan said:

    thank you Mr. Haruhi Fan.
    I’ll send my request right away

  • lemon on the DVD cover said:

    Can someone please, please send me a copy of Volume 10, as I like others missed out too??

    I’ll pass it on to others who have also missed out too.

    thank you!!

  • Carrot_Glace said:

    I’m not going to be original here: can anybody send me vol. 10 and 11, please?


  • Wilson said:

    Guys don’t spam like this. Send me an email if you want the novels, that is all.


  • david said:

    Please?!!! share the novels 10…and 11 :)

  • anon said:

    I don’t think posting it on this site is a good idea. Send that dude wilson an inbox to his email if you really want it.

  • Kevin Wesley said:

    I just finished volume 9 recently and would be honored if anyone would be as kind as to help me fulfill my needed haruhi fix and send me volumes 10 and 11.
    much appreciated.

  • KASKUSAddict said:

    Mantapppppppppppp gan………….langsung sedot…..

  • Mikuru x Squidward said:

    pengen bgt neh bacanya…..

  • KASKUSer said:

    iya neh…pgn juga pada nyedotin linknya….

  • PoinBlankIsBullshit said:


  • ShotgunFreak12 said:

    Thanks…….but i just read it online….

    ULTIMATEMEGAX……..I’ll give ya some cendol(or maybe cookies)

  • ShotgunFreak12 said:

    Thanks…….but i just read it online….

    ULTIMATEMEGAX……..I’ll give ya some cendol(or maybe cookies)

    I’ll be ready for season 5

    SEASON 5????????????
    I’m still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks @Loser-san!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll Give Ya 9000 Cendol as a prize………..

  • I killed jb with a m4 said:

    Season 5??????????????
    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANKS @LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!

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