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Possible Major Haruhi Suzumiya Announcement Coming Soon?

21 December 2010 19 Comments

A few days ago, following the official release of the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya in DVD and Blu-ray, the official Haruhi media website Haruhi.tv began displaying an error message on its front page (it has since returned to normal on the 21st).  What made this peculiar was that the message was upside down and the Japanese texts were reversed.  This isn’t the first time the website has pulled something cryptic, on Dec.18th, 2007 the website posted similar phony 404 error message prior to announcing details on the second season of the Haruhi Suzumiya anime.  On the same day in 2009, the front page was replaced with only a trailer for the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie.  Could a similar major announcement be on the way this year.  Could it be news about the 10th Haruhi novel that was supposed to be released late this year but has yet to deliver any updates?  Could it be a surprise announcement about a season 3 anime in the works (read Fighting For Nippon’s speculations, and those on the forum)?  Or are we just reading too much into this stuff?  Time will tell if Haruhi will leave behind an extra special present for her fans under the tree this year.

Thanks to Dazza from FFN for the news tip (check out his Haruhi novel giveaway contest), also check out our forum discussion and those at animesuki for further speculations and updates. If you have Haruhi-related news or media to share, send it in through our Haruhi Tracker.


  • Discrimo13 said:

    I hope it’ll be something cool but I won’t get my hopes up

  • thegokilives said:

    let’s hope they have something big coming to us. we love big surprises.

  • karin said:

    Notice: December 18th is when haruhi disaperce in the film, book, and novel.

  • Xian said:

    A third anime season. A third season. Please give us a third season ! *_*

  • LKsailorjupiterLK said:

    I was thinking the same thing Karin… Hmmm…

  • 4nim3w4tch3r said:

    hope it is something surprising. it should be the 10th novel!!!!!!
    VOLUME 10!!!!VOLUME 10!!!!
    guys, season 3 is good but we’ll know what will happen after reading all the novels, 10 should come, after 3-4 very long years!

  • thegokilives said:

    who thinks the 10th novel is going to be the last one? i do.

  • Hotaru-chan said:

    I think it’s just to celebrate TDoHS

  • Survivorman said:

    Either an announcement that the DVD/Blu-ray version is officially released or, what I really really really hope, TMHS Season 3!!!

    I can see a season 3 coming, because of the success of the movie but i’m not getting my hopes up.

  • 4nim3w4tch3r said:

    i dont think that they will make a season 3 that soon after releasing the dvd in japan

  • ALEX said:

    Hopefully it isn’t hackers,jackers,or crackers

  • esouesu! said:

    what ever it is, I’m looking forward to it! so excited!!

  • gokigoki said:

    another thing to consider is since the complete set already came out in japan, it makes no sense to broadcast a season 3.

  • John Jameson said:

    Gokigoki, there are still many light novels to work off of with Haruhi. Also, I remember a Harry Potter movie “complete set” being released a while back, and then the Order of the Phoenix came out.

  • dukemon22 said:

    The Complete Set was in Blu-Ray format, I believe, which is slowly becoming the norm for all releases, but it’s taken longer for Japan, than here in the states. Possibly because regular DVD sets there are already highly priced. (Heck, volumes are expensive).

    By the time a season 3 would release, it may be the case that they would be marketing the blu-ray more than the dvd’s, or selling both together. (Like they do with some movie releases here). Releasing a complete set now, at the same time the movie is released, is just a smart business decision. I don’t think it has any bearing on a Season 3.

  • Janzzen said:


    Im not sure if this kind of idea is what people want to hear, but here it is.
    In TDoHS the time quake was on the 18th of december.
    The emergency program was only good for two days *until the end of the 20th* meaning that it would no longer work on the 21st *the day the message was taken down*
    This messsage obviously is a nod to the movie.

    The only thing that debunks this is that the last little “glitch” on the site was also on the 18th, announcing season 2.

    But why the upsidedown SOS logo? That was never in the movie, the site doesn’t even exist in the alternite world.

    Thats the biggist question.

  • haruhi lover~ said:

    I want a third cause the like left us off! The official last episode was when haruhi laughed at Kyon for the thinking the SOS brigrade was a bunch of aliens,time travelers and espers~ I want another seasons to have kyon tell her(or they can) I want the love triangle to end as well! Come third season please :3

  • Orange County Realtor said:

    Icredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the good

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