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10th Haruhi Suzumiya Novel Coming This Year!

28 April 2010 25 Comments

Some very good news for Haruhi fans came out with the June issue of The Sneaker magazine. About two month ago we heard that Nagaru Tanigawa will publish a small excerpt from his tenth novel, the Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya, in The Sneaker but an additional announcement is confirming that the novel in its entirety will be published this year. Though no specific date has been officially set yet, Tanigawa has reportedly completely 75-80% of the novel already and has 370 pages in his current draft. This effectively means the new novel is practically done and will only have to go through some editing and minor revisions before it hits the presses. Finally, the three year wait for the next installment in the Haruhi Suzumiya saga is coming to an end. *EDIT* AnimeYume has put up some fresh scans from the June issue of The Sneaker on her blog. A bit of warning though, there’s some potential spoilers.

Thanks to richbouda, DaichigoTMHS and flyingv_rock for sending in the news tip; original source is ANN. If you have Haruhi-related news or media to share, feel free to send it .


  • Arisa- chan said:

    That’s great!! Just the kind of news I like to hear after school ^_^

    Hopefully someone’ll do a fan translation of it, since Baka- Tsuki can’t…

  • InfinityMeister said:

    I think its the most ridiculous thing for the copyright holders to prevent baka tsuki from translating the haruhi novels when they aren’t even available to that number in the United states/

    If you’re going to prevent somebody else from doing translations then you should only do so, provided that you actually have novels out to that same number. If your company only has book 3 translated and available to the public why the hell should fans be expected to wait when its up to book 9 in another country?

  • Sulejman said:

    one word – awesome

  • mak717 said:

    If it took less than 3 days for a random translation group to sub (and even visually improve the quality) of a very low quality camrip of the movie, I am certain we will not have to wait long before another group will translate the novel.

    I am SUPER HAPPY now.

    Right before AP exams too, that’s great timing! (not for studying but for a morale/ energy boost)

    Also, when the magazine is released this Friday, it will contain the entire first chapter as the preview, which is supposedly quite extensive. So yeah, can’t wait for someone to translate that. Hopefully that will give us a little reassurance of the translation of the novel when it comes.

  • Kyon_is_da_man said:


    finally !!!!!!!!!!!

  • الف اتان said:

    Yahoo!!! Somebody plz translate the novel. I’m seriously addicted to read it. Argghh….

  • Carol said:

    I can’t believe it is finally coming out!!
    This is just too awesome !!
    But… Will this one be last novel?
    I really hope not…

  • EHegmegee said:

    can anyone please post a list of all haruhi suzumiya A/V media that is translated to english and post it here or the meloncholy of haruhi suzumiya facebook site? greatly appreciate in advance,
    haruhi suzumiya fan

  • Yumeka said:

    I just posted about this as well. It’s so exciting!

    Today is the actual release date of the magazine in Japan, so I’ll be on the lookout for updated info to add =)

  • Loser said:

    …Looks epic. 370 pages is huge, and only 80% done? That’s like 500-600 pages in English…

    (SPOILERS) But still, Ryoko Asakura again? What is Tanigawa’s problem?? I hope we get to see into her inner psychopath… Otherwise it’ll probably stink. (Attempts at knifing Kyon once again, fails).

  • noshitake said:

    Oh My Haruhi! (Haruhi is God, you know ;D)
    Head explodes from awesomeness.

  • centipede said:

    Asakura just came back from Canada… guess she doesnt like the weather there :)

  • Survivor said:

    This is so awesome!! Too bad I don’t know enough Japanese to understand anything of it, so that makes me kind of melancholic.
    I’m going to stay away from these articles because I might get into a state of melancholy because I know i’ll never get to read the entire novel in English. ( Since it will take about 10 years before they get officially released in English )

  • RedFallingStar said:

    Huh @-o;; Dunno what all this about Asakura is, but that picture isn’t Asakura, it’s Kuyoh Suou, she appeared in 9th light novel o3o (won’t give out any spoilers but that’s the name of the character there)

    And I’m incredibly excited about this novel, I’m very dissapointed though that we might not get a translation for years. And what if we’re all dead by 2012 anyways??! D: (The year Haruhi ends the world)

  • noshitake said:

    .. Not the 2012 thing again – we’ll all be fine
    If we don’t die, then we laugh at it
    If we do, well … we probably won’t be able to care much :P

  • Loser said:

    I know that’s Kuyou =_=. lol apparently Asakura saves Kyon? I think that Tanigawa’s going just a little bit crazy.

  • RedFallingStar said:

    Oh was that in the preview e3e? Well I don’t want any spoilers so I’m just gonna stop paying attention to the comments

  • devious_sos said:

    Tsss spoilers xD

    Well this’ll definitely be interesting…
    Can’t wait ’till its translated.

    And I completely agree with InfinityMeister.

  • Rhaps said:

    I would absolutely love to find an english translation… anyone know of one? Email me at darkrhapsody@gmail.com if so!

  • Joseph said:

    I wonder how old we’ll be or what year it’ll be when this comes out animated. O_o

  • meh said:

    Heh 2012 huh, Kyon must’ve gone missing…

  • haruhi said:

    what do you mean by that?

    it could come out in decembers’s the Sneaker/ oct edition has more haruhi news n.n

  • haruhi said:

    it could come out in decembers’s the Sneaker

    still holding firm to faith

  • ZeroFuse said:

    Ah, perhaps I should take classes in reading japanese hm? I get a feeling this won’t be translated within a month or so after its out.

    – Another Haruhi Fan

  • Seohui said:

    The effect of waiintg certainly didn’t help KyoAni. I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this was being discussed, just to see how the we’re doing 8-episodes side won vs. the let’s do it in 3-episodes camp.

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