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The Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya

22 July 2008 39 Comments

One of oddities which emerged from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime is the rise in popularity of “Kyonko”. Now it’s obvious that this name is a play on Kyon’s name. It is common with Japanese names to add a -ko suffix to a name in order to make it feminine. Examples: Kyo -> Kyoko. And you guessed it, Kyonko is the female version of Kyon. Now, I’m not sure how this genderbending of characters began, but it caught on fast and soon we had the opposite gender version of nearly everyone from the show.

There’s an appeal in having a stubborn and sarcastic girl like Kyonko dealing with an overly excitable and aggressive male like Haruhi. In most instances, Kyonko has a shy or tsundere-ish side to her personality and is sensitive about the size of her breasts. Appropriately, Kyonko wears her hair in a long ponytail – the type which Kyon finds really sexy.

The show would be totally different if you think about it… though I do not want to see male Haruhi in some perverse version of the bunny GIRL outfit. The female Itsuki x Kyonko pairing is also very popular – of which I highly endorse! There’s also a couple of short doujins made using the genderbended characters, check out some of the Kyonko doujins.

The appearance of Kyonko months after the the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya finished airing (in Japan) shows that Haruhism is as strong as always. In the canonical sense, it certainly is possible for Haruhi to have created this gender-switched universe on one of her whims. Maybe she just figured it would be easier to bully Kyon and get her way if she made him female ;p
Check out more Haruhi (male) and Kyonko pairing pics.


  • lucianitouu said:

    woooww!! yes!! is really pretty *o*

    jaja but also crazy! xDD I like it ^^


  • rusty said:

    I absolutely love it! However, I only care for it if only Kyon is genderbent xD Seeing Haruhi male just sort of ruins it for me lol.

  • Lawrence said:

    It’ll be interesting, I suppose.

    I’ll watch it if this version ever comes out…

  • Kari-chan said:

    nice job on the article!! i like how kyon looks as a girl!! lol.

  • Uniqe said:

    this page rocks send me pics

  • Manabi said:

    Kyonko will be our new Kagami xD”

  • KirishimaAyama said:

    Instead of bunny suits, it says they dress up as Chippendale dancers. So… yeah. Unluckily, Kyon(ko) is the one forced into wearing a bunny suit.

  • .... said:

    haruki ruins it.

  • DarkAngel.El said:

    I like Haruhi as a guy the most. :)

  • S.O.S. Brigade Underling #1 said:

    I’d imagined the male haruhi to have a Yellow headband

  • fuji-chan said:

    nyuuuh have you heared this? :D
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgb0axJmbZI&feature=related so cool XDD

  • eruza said:

    Yaaakss…so long hair girl actually a boy(Kyon)??!!

  • o my god said:

    All because of Haruhi’s desire again…

    Poor Kyon… or Kyonko…

    Or am i sick?

  • haruhi said:

    either way it’s still got the usual cliches like asukura-san trying to kill kyon-chan and haruki’s attitude is a bit unchanged so that means haruhi’s manerisms reflect in haruki and don’t forget the level of humour this has.
    :P i LOL over this unusual parody!

  • MISOT said:

    Woahh!!!!! Is it me, or does the male Yuki Nagato look like Uryu Ishida from Bleach??

  • bleugh said:

    does mikuru’s bust size translate to


  • haruhi said:

    hehh that’s quite a good molestering substitute for groping
    i guess haruki’s half pedophilic LOL the laughs keep on coming

  • tsuruya-ism said:

    I love Kyonko and the male tsuruya-san <3

  • chloe said:

    nyyaa yuki is soo cute!

  • JDRIZZLE said:

    Soooo, is this a real manga?

  • AnimeAelita said:

    thx 4 the info bou kyonko been tryin 2 find out more bout her since i saw her on my pic bein bullied by haruhi (female)

  • AnimeAelita said:


  • rox said:

    i really do hope that they make a series out of it.
    yet im not sure what would be better for me now that the main character is a guy, but the narrator is a girl.

  • RadiantCimm said:

    Question if Kyon is Female and Haruhi is a male then why are they cross-dressing? The hair color and face should let us know who is who right? Idk im not that crazy about anime (let alone not an Otaku). But this just doesnt make sense to me.

  • Jackie said:

    …Ponytails. <3

  • Maria said:

    Interesting. . . .

  • zandyzain said:

    i think this genderbending thing, if they become a manga or light novel, it will be most like hana yori dango with SFX things. but lets hope they will take another plot.

    then, there a things that we had to settled down before gender bending Reality.
    First as male, kyon is strong enough to counter balance haruhi’s power. so kyonko will be mastering some martial art or become strong girl?
    Second. in bamboo leaf rhapsody, kyon carrying mikuru to haruhi school, so because male version is small, will she still carrying him or call a taxy then drive trough male version haruhi?

  • suzumiya said:

    good… :)

  • sakura said:

    yuki..so cool

  • Doitagain! said:

    I dunno about everyone else but what about we forget about genderbending Haruhi? I mean now that she/he is hot(in a masculine manner) I don’t see how a bunny suit would fit on him.(shudder)

    I’m all for Kyonko though so go ahead and let female Haruhi find someone else to harass other than Mikuru.:)

  • Haruhi's Man-slave said:

    At least Kyonko could hit Haru for molesting Mikiru. ‘Cos as anime has shown us, abuse is A-OK when it’s female on male. :D

  • shadowNdusk said:

    How about instead of giving male Haruhi a headband but headphones just for fashion reasons. Like how Neku from the game The World Ends With You wears it.

  • Artemis said:

    What would be better is having the original female characters, and instead of kyon and the other guy, having kyonko and itsuki :D :)

  • AceCombat_Freak said:

    lolololololol………..aneh banget gan xDDDDDDDD

  • koizumi-san said:

    female koizumi x kyonko…


  • amonymous said:

    how about only kyons gender changes, that way there will be no men in bunny suits or a giant penis

  • Linwood Koutz said:


  • NinjaSuzanao said:

    I love the gender bending idea!!! I think it would be awesome if they did make it in anime. I would totally pay money for it!!!^-^

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